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It’s GREAT to be a Moose Legionnaire! Even more so to be a member of one of, if not the best Moose Legion jurisdictions in the Fraternity, Sooner Moose Legion 147. When you become a Moose Legionnaire, you are showing extra support for our children at Mooseheart and our seniors at Moosehaven. A significant portion of the annual dues are designated for the Moosehaven Medical Fund and upkeep of Camp Ross.  You also are taking the next step in fraternalism and showing more responsibility and dedication to the Moose fraternity. We need more members to take the next step and join our ranks. More importantly, we need to also retain the members who have taken this step by communicating with them. If you recognize that you haven’t seen someone in a while, reach out to them and show them that you care about them.

Another way to support our cause is to attend your Lodge Moose Legion Committee meetings and quarterly Celebrations to give your input and ideas. Come and join in with your input and ideas. You will find the meetings very informative and sometimes even a little fun! If it is your desire to advance to the higher degrees, the Fellowship Degree of Honor and the Pilgrim Degree of Merit, then taking this step is necessary to attain those goals.

As always, I am available anytime if you have ideas or suggestions on how we can better serve each other. Or if you want to take that “next step” and have questions about becoming a Moose Legionnaire, feel free to contact myself or any other Moose Legionnaire and we will get you started. The only requirement for a male member to advance to this degree is to have been a member for at least six months or to have sponsored at least one member into the fraternity. The additional annual dues, for being a Moose Legionnaire, is $20.00 a year and your Sooner Moose Legion 147 is paying the one time application fee. Show your commitment and support and help us to “do some good thing for someone each day”

Fraternally Yours,

Greg Carleton


Sooner Moose Legion 147